The Call Company

"Tamigo provides us with an overview of our finances and roster that no other supplier was able to offer."

Not many Danish companies can show the same growth rates as The Call Company in Aarhus. In 2010 the call centre grew from zero to 100 employees in only six months. According to production manager Martin Thomsen, in the end, growth on this scale could not be handled satisfactorily in an Excel sheet.

"We spent many man-hours trying to manage our liquidity and wage costs in our Excel sheet that ended up being quite comprehensive. We therefore decided to change to a professional roster solution that could give us an overview of wage costs as well," says production manager in The Call Company, Martin Thomsen.

Several suppliers were considered but Tamigo was chosen because:

"Tamigo provides us with an overview of our finances and roster that no other supplier was able to offer," says Martin Thomsen and continues:

"We want to be flexible towards our customers, and Tamigo helps us to do this. With Tamigo we can optimise our roster at all times with the right competencies for the individual customer."

Tamigo throughout the value chain

Today, Tamigo is integrated in The Call Company’s daily operations. And all employees and job functions use Tamigo in a way that optimises their particular work area, says Martin Thomsen.

"Our agents use the Tamigo information page as a mini-intranet. The employees can always access their updated roster and exchange shifts via the web and app, while Tamigo provides sales managers with a quick overview of which employee competencies will match the customers' tasks. And finally, Tamigo gives management a good financial overview."

Today The Call Company employs 170 employees handling a multitude of inbound tasks for major Danish organisations and companies.