REMA 1000

”Shopkeepers don't have the time to read lengthy manuals. One of the key advantages of Tamigo is that new shopkeepers only need three hours' training.”

With a shopkeeping background, HR manager in REMA 1000, Svend Halse Petersen, knowns exactly what he is talking about. In order to be successful on the extremely competitive discount market, shopkeepers need to spend their time optimising their stores and motivating their employees – not on lengthy courses.

The easily accessible online roster and the overview of wage percentages – down to single hours – was also one of the main reasons why in 2008 REMA 1000 chose Tamigo instead of other workforce management systems

”I know that other discount chains have other financial and roster systems that require lengthy courses and continuous updates before the system creates value for the shopkeepers. We do everything we can to make things simple, we chose a different course of action and we have succeeded,” says HR manager, Svend Halse Petersen.

Boom in new shops with no extra administration

Tamigo has not just had a positive effect on the independent REMA 1000 shopkeepers. At the main office in Horsens, Tamigo helps minimise time-consuming administration and creates an overview of the successful, growing discount chain.

Tamigo enables us to "pour" hours directly into our payroll system and this means that we spend the same amount of time on our payroll process today regardless of the number of stores we decide to open.